Bob Archuleta for Congress

Congresswoman Grace Napolitano Press Release

Senator Bob Archuleta Releases Powerful
TV Ad with Congresswoman
Grace Napolitano

(West Covina, CA) – You get to see it first! The powerful campaign ad will be airing this weekend. Featuring Congresswoman Grace Napolitano and her continued support for Senator Bob Archuleta. This campaign showcases the solidarity between the two, emphasizing the critical moment for the district and the need for proven leadership.

Highlighting over three decades of mutual respect and collaboration, Napolitano is not just a passing of the torch, but a call to arms for those who care about the district’s future. Her message underscores Archuleta’sunwavering commitment and battle-tested readiness to advocate for the community’s needs.

This campaign ad is a significant moment for the Archuleta campaign as it mobilizes to lead Congressional District 31 with integrity, vision, and an unyielding commitment to the community. The campaign invites constituents to be a part of this momentous journey and support a leader who stands ready to champion their voices and concerns in Congress

Bob Archuleta for U.S. Congress

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