Bob Archuleta for Congress

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Serving Our Veterans

With a proud history as a Vietnam paratrooper, Senator Archuleta carries a profound respect for the sacrifices of our military personnel. His service has instilled in him a deep commitment to the welfare of veterans

In Congress, Archuleta aims to strengthen the Veterans Affairs system, improve access to mental health services, and ensure that veterans receive the benefits and recognition they have earned. He is dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by veterans, from securing employment and education opportunities to providing comprehensive healthcare. Senator Archuleta’s mission is clear: to honor the valor of our veterans with actions that affirm their service and sacrifices are never forgotten.

Fighting for Affordable Housing

The dream of homeownership has steadily been slipping away for many Americans. Disturbingly, the homeownership rate plummeted to 63% in 2016 – the lowest in half a century.

This decline highlights a bleak reality for our younger generation, many of whom grapple with the fear of never owning a home. Senator Bob Archuleta believes in a nation where homeownership remains within reach for all, not just a privileged few. In Congress, he’s determined to champion policies and initiatives that address housing shortages, soaring rents, and unfair lending practices, aiming to ensure every American can find a place to call home.

Ensuring Accessible and Quality Healthcare

Senator Archuleta firmly believes that every American, regardless of income or zip code, deserves access to quality healthcare.

He regards it as a basic human right, with every family, child, and senior entitled to medical care without the looming threat of overwhelming medical bills. At a time where Republicans are moving to dismantle essential healthcare entitlements, Senator Archuleta emerges as a vigilant guardian. He recognizes that these entitlements, from Medicaid to Medicare, serve as crucial safety nets for countless families. In Congress, Archuleta will resist any attempts to weaken or remove these essential protections, ensuring our most vulnerable citizens always have access to the healthcare they need.

Fostering Positive Education

In a time when some focus on restricting knowledge, Senator Archuleta champions its expansion. He believes in backing our educators, advocating for better teacher salaries, and continuous professional development to ensure our students receive the highest quality of instruction

Recognizing the changing landscape of the 21st century, Bob is determined to integrate technology more effectively into classrooms, bridging the digital divide and ensuring all students, regardless of socio-economic background, have equal access to digital tools and resources. Moreover, he sees the value in fostering critical thinking and creativity, envisioning an education system where students are not just taught to memorize but to understand, analyze, and innovate.

Ensuring Public Safety

Safety isn't merely about enforcement—it's about crafting smart, community-focused solutions. Senator Archuleta's commitment to safety extends beyond traditional methods.

He believes in fostering strong partnerships between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, emphasizing transparency, communication, and trust-building initiatives. Understanding the multifaceted nature of public safety, Bob also prioritizes mental health programs and community outreach, recognizing that a holistic approach to well-being contributes significantly to safer neighborhoods. His vision for public safety in Congress will be one of balance, unity, and forward-thinking solutions.

Protecting Our Enviroment

As Senator Bob Archuleta steps up to serve in Congress, he carries with him the relentless drive to challenge those who'd sacrifice our planet's future for short-term profit.

While some politicians cave to corporate interests, Archuleta draws inspiration from his steadfast work in California. Having sponsored initiatives like “Aligning Transportation Investments with Climate Goals”, which mandated a strategic alignment of transportation investments with state climate objectives, and “Restore Clean Air for the San Joaquin Valley,” aiming to combat air pollution, Archuleta demonstrates time and again where his loyalties lie. He envisions a federal landscape where environmental protection isn’t negotiable. In Congress, he is determined to champion legislation that not only safeguards our environment but also guarantees a just and inclusive approach, ensuring that every American benefits from a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

Protecting Women's Rights

Senator Archuleta is steadfast in the defense of women's rights and their essential place in a just and equitable nation.

As Republicans seek to undermine women’s autonomy, Senator Archuleta is prepared to fight back with legislation that codifies the right to abortion, ensuring it remains a protected personal decision. He is committed to promoting equal pay and combating discrimination, thereby championing policies that fortify women’s roles in the workforce and society. In Congress, he will work tirelessly to ensure that the rights of women are not only safeguarded but are actively reinforced, acknowledging that the health and prosperity of our nation are inextricably linked to the empowerment of all its citizens.

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